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Here are some pictures of Tyke and Kira as they are getting older

Kiras Big Ole Head
Kira is now 1 year and 3 months old she is really coming into her own.  she  is pushing 80 lbs.currently at around 74 to 78 lbs. She still has some growing in her i expect her to top 80 lbs.
Tyke is just one solid muscle he ripples from head to toe
Tyke is a 2 years  and 3 months now and he is sitting aroung 80 to 85lbs.  He has a big head and a great frame, and he has a wonderful temperment.
Nice picture of Tyke and Kira's Chest's
Tyke has a nice chest very muscular, and Kira has a wider thick chest.  When they have puppies they should have great builds.
Tyke licking his lips for a treat
As you can see Kira has a thick wide chest and she is big for a female.  you can make out just how big she is standing next to an 80+ lbs. male she is almost as big as him.